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Martina Topley-Bird returns with Solitude, a candid statement in Martina’s trademark detached, strong yet fragile, sensual style. “You said you needed me, you said I promised, you being honest, depended on your mood, you took solitude for food.” Recorded in Baltimore where Martina has been based over the last 4 years, created in conjunction with a new US-based team, the single is an introduction to her upcoming 4 track EP titled MTB Continued.

Born out of themes of internal and external discord, Solitude explores the journey through a troubled world and a reflection on human conflicts, the comfort and torment of solitude and the fragility of life’s balance.
Released June 15, 2018
Composer: Tiadiad, Martina Topley-Bird
Lyricist: Ashatan
Producer: Ashatan, Tiadiad
Mixing Engineer: Richard Morel
Mastering engineer: TJ Lipple

Photograph: by Martina Fornace
Artwork by: Francy Z Graham
Executive Producer: Ashatan
Management: Old St James Arts Management

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